I love you, dear sis.

Und das wollte ich dir hiermit nochmal sagen, sweetie. You cannot imagine, how happy I am that I've got such a beloved sister. I know we fight at times, but you know how quick we make up. Although we are not always the same opinion, you are always there for me. And I am always there for you. I sometimes cannot even believe, that you are growing up so fast, you're turning 18 in 10 days, currently doing your IB and going to College in Fall - but you will always be my little sister. Especially at the moment, I am happy, that you are always there for me. I love you a lot, my dear sister. Thank you for absolutely everything. <3

01 Bedtime in Spain 02 2006 it must've been, in the Arcades 03 What a lovely Horse-Race! also 2006? 
04 At Gran's 05 Picture time for our beloved, 2008? 06 Us with our walnuts :D 
07 Our crazy-sister-time 08 My first day of school, wow, so long ago... And you never wanted to go to Kindergarten! I so remember... 
09 Walks! 10 DTH Concert in Hamburg, it was, i guess :D 11 And a day we met in Bremen before I went to V-Ball... 



  1. geschwisterliebe.
    ihr beide....so hübsch!

  2. wahnsinn total süß auf einigen bildern habt ihr gewissern Ähnlichkleiten mit Lauren Conrad!!! <3