Random Impressions

 1) shorts, top, cardi vest all H&M / Bracelet Fossil 
2) Fresh fruit
3) self-made pizza with tuna, red onions and feta cheese
4) an apple a day... keeps the doctor away
5) bedroom with my new canopy bed (big thanks to my husband!)

I've had a good and crazy day at the same time. Weird and lovely guests exist. I received a good amount of tip (which is not really common) and had to kick out some guests at the same time. Black and white, yin and yang. Things just have to repel each other. And we had a quick visit at our wedding location whilst there was another wedding going on... I have to admit that I really did not like the bride's dress but as we all know: tastes are different. Otherwise we are totally in love. We'll just make a chilly evening tonight since we both have to get up early for work tomorrow morning. What are you up to this weekend?

Udo Lindenberg ft. Clueso - Cello (Das MTV Unplugged Konzert war suuuuper!)


  1. schöne Bilder und du bist echt süß :))

  2. dein schlafzimmer ♥ und du, du bist so wunderhübsch meine liebe ♥

  3. Ah, ich wusste ich hab die Adresse noch :)
    Der zweigeteilte Spiegel is cool, sowas will ich mir schonlangemal zulegen!
    Pass auf Dich auf!
    Liebe Grüße Simon

  4. ui schön, ich mag deine Shorts!

    Besuch mich doch auf tha-darlinh.blogspot.com
    Vielleicht wirst du ja sogar Follower? Würd mich sehr freuen und dich auch zurückverfolgen :D

  5. Du machst super schöne Bilder, ich mag deinen Blog sehr!